The newest theme Compact
Compact was created by inspired of new technologies and trends. His name is Compact, because he has all what we need and it all is comfortable hidden. Skin perfect for all, but now is a bit more gentle to the eye. Smooth click to top page, sliding sidebar menu with all informations, default topic view, slider and beautiful profile background modification.
More - Compact informations.
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Our purpose is to provide you and your users with suitable aspect, which will face all of your expectations. Your satisfaction and associated with it positive opinion about our products are very important to us. We make sure, that IPBFangorn skins are top quality, by putting great effort in everyone of them and always emphasizing perfect proportions.
We appreciate the loyalty of our customers, which we earn not by requests, but by merits. We work on every part of skin, yet most key and individual elements (like logo) are also included in .psd format. We strive to keep our products constantly compatible with latest version of IP Board and main applications like IP Content, IP Blog, IP Downloads, IP Gallery, IP Nexus, IP Chat.
After buying a product you will be assigned to Customers group. Thanks to membership in that group you gain couple privileges, which will upgrade integration between You, and IPBFangorn. Answers to your questions will appear faster thanks to easier communication with us and higher priority of Your needs.
  • assign Your account to Customers group
  • gain access to hidden forum sections
  • use guides made for specific designs
  • profit from support, which You merit

  • We want to be unique
  • We want Your trust
  • We want Your satisfaction
We want... We just want to do something, that makes us pleased.
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